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Essay Rating Criteria

Grand Valley State University
Occupational Therapy Program

The Theresa M. McKee, MS, OTR, Occupational Therapy Scholarship
Essay Rating Criteria

NOTE: Rating scale is based on the GVSU Eng 305 Placement Test Scoring Criteria

Category: Breadth of Perspective
EX = identifies and thoroughly discusses 3 or more points of view
GD = identifies and thoroughly discusses 2 points of view
AVG = identifies more than one point of view, minimal discussion
NA = only one point of view presented, weak or no discussion
Category: Depth of Thinking
EX = key ideas developed in substantial detail, with strong rationale presented
GD = ideas developed in some detail; reasonable rationale evident
AVG = ideas developed in minimal detail; weak rationale
NA = ideas poorly developed; no rationale evident
Category: Style
EX = precise, succinct diction, fluid expression/flow of ideas, superb use of language
GD = clear diction, good expression of ideas, proper use of language
AVG = basic diction, functional expression of ideas, inconsistent use of language
NA = vague diction, labored expression of ideas, simple or incorrect use of language
Category: Organization
EX = solid opening/introduction, smooth, purposeful transitions, well developed and sequenced pattern of information, and strong conclusion
GD = clear opening/introduction, helpful transitions, properly developed and sequenced pattern of information, and appropriate conclusion
AVG = general or simplistic opening/introduction, abrupt or choppy transitions, simplistically developed and sequenced pattern of information and presence of an adequate conclusion
NA = vague or lack of opening/introduction, weak or missing transitions, poorly developed and sequenced pattern of information, and weak or no conclusion
Category: Mechanics
EX = correct spelling, accurate, reasonable punctuation, consistently correct grammar
(consistent parallel sentence structure and use of tense, parts of speech etc.) GD = very few and minor spelling errors, functional punctuation, generally good grammar
(consistent use of parallel sentence structure and tense, parts of speech, etc.) AVG = few spelling errors, some awkward punctuation, occasional grammar problems
(inconsistent sentence structure, use of tense, parts of speech, etc.) NA = many spelling errors, inappropriate punctuation, many grammar problems
(poor and inconsistent sentence structure, use of tense, parts of speech, etc.) Category: Content related to the worldwide contribution of OT to the peoples of the world.
EX = explains relationship in two or more substantive ways
GD = explains relationship in one substantive way
AVG = explains relationship only superficially
NA = unable to relate article

Rev 9/07