What is ooVoo?

ooVoo is a high quality video conferencing service that enables people around the world to connect with each other via the internet.


Why use ooVoo at GVSU?

ooVoo is a sustainable alternative to commuting between the Allendale campus and the Pew campus. GVSU faculty members can ooVoo in to meetings between the campuses, professors can have virtual office hours and students can alleviate scheduling conflicts when working on group projects.


How is ooVoo being offered at GVSU?

The ooVoo business plan is being offered for FREE. The GVSU community must re-register with their gvsu.edu account annually in order to receive the ooVoo business plan free of charge.

The business plan enables you to do the following:

  • 12-way calling
  • Send files up to 25 MB
  • Desktop Share
  • Record and send a video message up to 15 minutes long
  • Record ooVoo conversations


How can I get ooVoo?

Click here to download ooVoo, create an account and activate your ooVoo “On Campus” plan.


If I have already downloaded ooVoo, how do I get the free business plan?

In order to receive the upgrade to the free business plan, click here, enter your ooVoo ID or e-mail address and password, and then click ‘Submit’. Your account will automatically be upgraded.


Is ooVoo available for Mac?

Mac users can download ooVoo, create an account and activate their ooVoo "On Campus" plan via the link provided above.


What if I want the advertisements removed?

Purchasing the ooVoo Premium plan for $29.99/year will remove the advertisements and give you an annual subscription to ooVoo. To do this, log into your ooVoo account and complete the following: Go to ooVoo → My Account → View Plan Details → Upgrade Plan → under Pay Per Year select Get it Now → complete the Payment and Billing information Place Order.

Page last modified March 24, 2014