Multicultural Cohort Program (MCP)

What is MCP?
* A student academic and professional development program that connects students with similar career goals.
* MCP offers comprehensive programs and workshops that focus on professional development, academic success, and personal growth.
Provides students an opportunity to learn in a multicultural environment.

Benefits of Joining
Attend professional workshops and seminars
* Connect with university staff and departments
* Receive academic support and resources
* Participate in professional site visits to local employers
* Serve in a student leadership role
* Participate in community service projects
* Gain new skills and learn from your peers
* Learn in a multicultural environment
* Meet new people and have fun!

What Our MCP Members Are Saying
“Joining MCP was the right decision for me!”  - Jeneice

“I have a lot of fun at the meetings and really enjoy our guest speakers.”  - Christon

“I have made a lot of new friends in MCP.  Not only do we go to meetings together, we also hang out outside of MCP.”  - Peter

"MCP helped me apply for a Study Abroad trip to China!"  - Shaka

“MCP gave me the skills and the confidence to apply for a summer internship.”   - Brionka

“MCP gave me the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff.  Kristie and Danny are great advisors and are always there to help.” – Ricky

How Do I Join?
Just complete the application and bring it to the Office of Multicultural Affairs, located at 1240 Kirkhof Center. 

Click Here for Winter 2014 MCP Meeting Schedule 

MCP Media Relations Committee Members

Networking 101:  The Art of Small Talk

Welcome Back Ice Cream Social

Year End Recognition &
Celebration Ceremony

For more information about the Multicultural Cohort Program,
please call
616-331-2177 or email at




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