Power in the Blood? Moving Toward Better Standards for Indigenous Identity

Date: November 28, 2012
Time: 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Location: 215 Eberhard Center
More Information: http://www.gvsu.edu/oma

LIB 100 & 201 Approved

Native American Heritage Month Celebration

This presentation will examine the existing issues surrounding questions of tribal membership vs. nation citizenship as well as blood quantum vs. citizenship requirements. Gyasi Ross is a member of the Blackfeet Nation and his family comes from the Suquamish Nation. He is a practicing attorney and his practice is centered around economic development for tribes. Building tribal infrastructure is Gyasi’s passion. Gyasi’s maternal grandfather gave him his Indian name, “Oo-ni-koom-sika,” which means “Little Big Man” because Gyasi’s inquisitiveness and conversational style reminded his grandfather of an old man. Gyasi comes from a family of storytellers and community leaders and he works hard to carry on the legacy.