OAC Bike Rentals


What's Included

Each rental includes:

  • Refurbished Bicycle
  • Heavy Duty U-Lock
  • GVSU Bike Permit
  • Use of the Fee Compressed Air Stations (Allendale Campus)
    • CON (Connection) - East side of building near the bike racks
    • SUB (South Utilities Building) - Off Lot N.


*Processing Fee $40
Fall OR Winter $25
Fall AND Winter $40
Spring/ Summer $15

*Processing Fee is additional to all rental fees and refunded upon return of the bike & lock.


Visit us at one of our distribution events in Lot P near the Connection.  We offer at least 1 primary distribution date at the beginning of each semester.  Check our events calendar or contact us for specific dates & times.  Outside of the primary distribution dates, rentals may be available at the OAC/ Climbing Center (Fieldhouse B170).  If the OAC/ Climbing Center is closed, please contact Joe Bitely, OAC Manager (contact info may be found at the bottom of this page). 


You may obtain a rental bike by visiting a distribution location and filling out the Bicycle Rental Program Rental Agreement Form.  Currently, the only distribution location is at the Laker Village Apartment South Community Center (LVASCC).  Prior arrangements must be made with the OAC for someone to meet you there because the office is not regularly staffed at this time.  Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Student ID/ G Number
  • Email Address
  • Local Address
  • Phone Number


All payments will be handled directly through your student account.  We will not accept cash, credit, or checks for bicycle rentals.



All returns will be accepted at the Laker Village South Community Center Great Room during any of the established dates/ times.  Please enter through the double doors and sign-in your bike and lock with the staff.


Dates/ times for rental returns have not yet been established but will be indicated below when available.

Bicycle Issues


  1. Contact the OAC to inform them of the issue.  If the OAC is closed, please contact Joe Bitely, OAC Manager.
  2. Return your bike to the LVA South Complex (near lot J) for repair &/ or a loaner. 

Maintenance issues that are deemed to be due to normal use/ wear will be fixed free of charge as quickly as possible (flat tire, brake adjustments, etc...).  Due to the variety of bicycles in the rental inventory, parts for each bike are not kept in stock and may take 2-3 business days to obtain.  The renter will be responsible for all maintenance costs deemed to be due to negligence or abuse.

Lost the U-Lock Key

  1. Contact the OAC to inform them of the issue and arrange to get a spare.  If the OAC is closed, please contact Joe Bitely, OAC Manager.  

Please note that GVSU cannot reproduce the keys to your lock.  If you lose all of the keys supplied by the manufacturer, you will also lose your Processing Fee.

Stolen Bike

  1. Contact the OAC for your bike info/ permit #.  You will need it for the police report in the next step.
  2. Contact Public Safety to submit a police report.  
  3. Submit a copy of the report to the OAC for a refund of your Processing Fee or another rental bike (if available)
  • Allendale DPS - 616.331.3255
  • Pew Campus Security - 616.331.6677
  • GVSU OAC - 616.331.3226