Grand Valley State University Self-Study Process

North Central Association Visit Fall 2008

Prepared by Julia A. Guevara, Assessment and Accreditation Officer, Revised 1.17.07

Timeline - Work in Progress

As the GVSU community begins the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) self-study process the timeline may be adjusted as necessary.

Winter 2005

  • University forums held to discuss Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) approach to the HLC of NCA accreditation.

Spring 2005

  • University Assessment and Accreditation Officer (UAAO) attends NCA Annual Meeting.

Fall 2005

  • UAAO appointed by the Provost as the Self-study coordinator.
  • Provost announces Program to Evaluate and Advance Quality (PEAQ) as accreditation approach university will follow.
  • Steering committee is appointed by Provost.
  • Board of Trustees, Executive Officers, Faculty Senate, and Deans Council briefed on self-study process.
  • Notification of  NCA regarding appointment of self-study coordinator.
  • Meet with Deans to review the five criteria and accompanying core components in relation to strategic plan.
  • Draft set of institutional goals for self-study in consultation with Provost, steering committee and appropriate others.

Winter 2006

  • Budget for self-study process submitted to Provost.
  • Steering Committee determines process for carrying out self-study, identification of data needed relative to the five criteria and accompanying core components, determine needed support and other assistance.
  • Steering Committee members and self study coordinator attend April, NCA Annual Meeting in Chicago.  All attend one day self study workshop.  Meet with
    Dr. Robert Appleson, NCA staff liaison.  All members review self-study documents and other information in resource room.
  • Six Self-study subcommittee teams finalized.
  • Steering Committee members assigned as co-chairs to subcommittees.

Spring 2006

  • Self-study steering and subcommittee teams meet.
  • Subcommittee convened to address Challenges, Concerns, and Suggestions as outlined in the 1999 NCA Report to GVSU.
  • Subcommittees develop work plans
  • Self-study coordinator develops calendar of steering committee meetings.

Fall 2006

  • Invite NCA Liaison, Dr. Appleson to campus for University wide forum to kickoff self study.  Liaison meets with President and Provost, steering committee chair, steering committee and subcommittee members.
  • Self study plan and timeline submitted to NCA Liaison, Dr. Robert Appleson.
  • Self-study coordinator proposes dates for NCA visit, preference for Fall 2008, October.
  • Writing Guide distributed to steering and subcommittees.
  • Subcommittees review work plans with Chairs of subcommittees.
  • Subcommittees set calendar for meetings.
  • Self study subcommittees begin to collect data, which may include interviews of appropriate individuals, develop and analyze draft reports to submit to the steering committee.  Reports and information relative to five new criterion and core components for accreditation.  Committee also addresses institutional response to 1999 NCA findings (concerns, challenges, suggestions).
  • Self-study coordinator attends self-study subcommittee meetings to review progress, assist where needed.
  • NCA 2007-08 Self-study budget submitted to Provost

Winter 2007

  • (cont.) Self study subcommittees begin to collect data, which may include interviews of appropriate individuals, develop and analyze draft reports to submit to the steering committee.  Reports and information relative to five new criterion and core components for accreditation.
  • Self-study coordinator attends self-study subcommittee meetings to review progress, assist where needed.
  • Progress, analysis of findings and adherence to timeline reviewed by steering committee.
  • Steering committee members (approx. 6) and self-study coordinator attend NCA HLC Annual Meeting, April.
  • In conjunction with Co-chairs the self-study subcommittees write draft reports of five criteria, core components and challenges.

Spring 2007

  • Self-study coordinator reviews draft reports.
  • Self-study coordinator begins to prepare rough draft of entire self-study.
  • Opportunities for improvement which emerge from the draft report, including modification of strategic plan where indicated, new facilities projects, assessment initiatives will be sent to the appropriate office for further development.
  • Reviewed by a third party with the self-study coordinator.

Fall 2007

  • Rough draft of self-study reviewed and edited by steering committee.
  • Selected faculty and administrators review the draft self-study report for critique and comments.
  • Steering committee solicits and receives campus/community-wide feedback to draft report.
  • Request for NCA Evaluation Team members sent to NCA by self-study coordinator; competencies/composition; dates of visit confirmed.
  • HLC sends list of proposed team members for review and comment.
  • Rough Draft of self-study report prepared by self study coordinator and third party reviewer.

Winter 2008

  • Steering Committee solicits and received campus/community wide feedback to draft report (second point for university and community wide feedback).
  • Comments about proposed Evaluation Team sent to NCA by self-study coordinator.
  • Comments and edits made by steering committee on latest draft of self-study.
  • Begin to set up actual and virtual resource room.
  • Final report written by self-study coordinator and reviewed by third party.
  • Final draft of self-study report shared with campus community and other constituencies.
  • Invitation to the public to send comments to NCA concerning the institutions qualifications for accreditation (i.e. third party comments).
  • Self-study sent to Institutional Marketing for publication.
  • Steering committee communicates Spring and Fall self-study activities to campus community.

Spring 2008

  • Self-study report is provided to Steering Committee and NCA Evaluation Team.
  • Communication with NCA Chair by self-study coordinator.
  • Preparation by steering committee including final organization of the actual and virtual resource room for campus visit by Evaluation Team.
  • Preliminary meeting schedule prepared by self-study coordinator in consultation with the NCA Evaluation Team Chair for individual team members. Transportation schedules, accommodations and other resources needed by the Evaluation Team.
  • Steering committee communicates above to campus community.

Fall 2008

  • Steering committee continues communication of above information to the campus community.
  • Preparation for Evaluation Team Complete.
  • Site visit occurs, request for October.
  • NCA Draft Team Report received by President, shared with Provost and steering committee.
  • Self-study coordinator and steering committee respond with correction of errors of fact.
  • Institutional response to final Team Report.

Winter 2009

  • President receives final commission action and recommendation for reaccreditation from NCA.
  • Accreditation and Assessment Office meets with appropriate campus personnel to develop and begin implementation plan to address concerns and suggestions for improvement of team report and continues to implement plan to address issues identified in self-study.
  • Commission action: notification of action one week after meeting.
  • Commission Action communicated to campus, community and other constituents.
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