Description of Responsibilities Self-Study Steering Committee Members
February 2006

The Self-Study Steering Committee's principle charge is to organize, direct and coordinate the preparation of the Self-Study for submission to the HLC NCA with an expected site visit, Fall 2008. Throughout the self-study process committee members are expected to:

  1. Serve as the coordinating body of the self-study.

  2. Provide oversight of the self-study.

  3. Become very familiar with the NCA criteria for accreditation as well as the Commission's statements on diversity, general education and assessment of student learning, and with NCA's cross cutting themes.

  4. Communicate with the campus community and external constituents to facilitate an understanding of the self-study, and to facilitate internal and external constituents input and feedback into the process and substance of the self-study.

  5. Attend the HLC's Annual Conference and participate in the self-study workshop.

  6. Chair subcommittees of the steering committee.

  7. Recruit membership and participation in subcommittees from GVSU's internal and external constituencies.

  8. Develop specific instructions for subcommittees.

  9. Schedule submission of materials.

  10. Integrate committee reports.

  11. Evaluate data in reports as they are submitted.

  12. Address the cited challenges from the 1999 NCA Site Team to GVSU.

  13. Other duties.
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