Learning, Living, and Working on Campus

Letter from GVSU President

Thomas J. Haas, Ph.D.

As part of Grand Valley State University’s ongoing effort to provide a rich, inclusive learning and working environment, four university climate studies have been conducted to date. These studies serve as markers for where the university is regarding this effort and they allow us to discover opportunities for making GVSU an even better place than it already is. 

The most recent of these climate studies, the myGVSU survey, was conducted last February when faculty members, staff members, and students were asked to share their insights on what it is like to learn, live, and work at Grand Valley.

The findings for the myGVSU survey are now in, and an executive summary of the findings will be available at www.gvsu.edu/mygvsu/. Further, the study’s consultant, Dr. Sue Rankin of Rankin and Associates Consulting, will be visiting GVSU to formally share her findings from the survey. You are invited to any of three campus-wide town hall meetings to learn about the findings and to engage in a dialog with the consultant:

Allendale Campus
September 29, 2011
10-11:30 a.m., Kirkhof Center 2250
4-6 p.m., Cook-DeWitt Center

Pew Grand Rapids Campus
September 30, 2011 
9-11 a.m., Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences 119

I hope to see you at one or more of these meetings.



Expanded report of the myGVSU survey is available (as a pdf document) : click here

Have an analysis request you'd like to make related to the myGVSU survey?  A (SurveyMonkey) form via which to make this request is now available:

  click here

One of the myGVSU survey town hall meetings led by Dr. Rankin was videotaped and is now available for viewing:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3bwe7wj-z0

PowerPoint used during campus meetings led by Dr. Rankin is available:  click here

Executive Summary of myGVSU survey is available (as a pdf document) :  click here

Provide feedback after reading the myGVSU survey Executive Summary, reviewing the PowerPoint compiled by Dr. Rankin, or watching the videotaped town hall meeting led by Dr. Rankin:  click here

Thank you to all who participated in the

myGVSU survey last February!

The myGVSU survey was Grand Valley State University's fourth university-wide climate study in which GVSU community members were asked to share what it's like to learn, live, and work on campus  - with the intent to find ways in which to make GVSU an even better place than it already is.  Earlier climate studies helped lead to many exciting changes, such as the addition of the Women’s Center, the Children’s Enrichment Center, and the Inclusion and Equity Division, among others. For a complete listing, click on Positive Changes at GVSU.

The development of the myGVSU survey was overseen by a committee of over 50 GVSU faculty, staff, and students.  For a complete, listing, click on Committee Members.  The committee was guided by Sue Rankin, of Rankin and Associates, College Station, Pennsylvania; Rankin is a nationally-recognized expert in university climate studies.

Over 7,500 GVSU community members (29 percent of all GVSU faculty, staff, and students as of February 2011) completed the myGVSU survey.  Rankin has performed the initial analyses of the myGVSU survey data and has prepared both an Executive Summary (as a pdf document) and an Expanded Report of her findings.  Rankin will visit GVSU on Thursday, September 29 and Friday, September 30 to share her findings with the university community via three campus-wide meetings.  For details of these meeting, click on Campus Wide Meetings to Hear Results.  All are invited to attend.

If you would like to be involved in the next steps - helping to develop an action plan based on the myGVSU survey findings - click on Action Plan.


For the purpose of the myGVSU survey, "climate" is being defined as the "current attitudes, behaviors, and standards and practices of employees and students of an institution." Rankin, S., & Reason, R. (2009). Campus climate assessment and planning. Washington, D.C.: ACPA Books and Media.

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