Muskegon Programs

Grand Valley State University offers a liberal education focus: emphasizing critical thinking, creative problem solving, and cultural understanding. We offer classes that prepare you for your major area of study and leading to your undergraduate degree.  This is done in partnership with Muskegon Community College.  

  • After completion of an Associate of Science and Arts or the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) at Muskegon Community College, students will begin degree completion courses through Grand Valley State University
  • Courses are offered beginning at junior level at the Muskegon Regional Center 
  • Students complete required core courses for Liberal Studies major
  • Students customize coursework to coincide with their individual needs and interests 
  • Degree provides flexibility for the student to design a degree that best fits him/her

Undergraduate Programs

Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary major; it brings together coursework from various academic disciplines. The program allows you to design a personal emphasis area in Leadership to suit your specific interests, talents, or career goals. With Liberal Studies as a major, you can:

  • Select pathway
  • Incorporate courses already taken in various majors or at other universities
  • Integrate your coursework with practical applications

Completion of a bachelor's degree is available through concentrations listed below.

Sample Concentrations:

  • Human Service
  • Child Development
  • Environmental Leadership
  • Human Development 
  • Humanities and Culture
  • Law and Society (Pre-Law)
  • Social Progress and Behavioral Sciences
  • Entrepreneur Leadership
  • Other concentrations available (see GVSU advisor)

Plan of Study
You will work with an advisor to develop a study plan that incorporates all components of your major.

The Liberal Studies major includes:

  • Up to 62 hours of coursework transferred from MCC
  • Four core classes that develop your intellectual expertise and provide a framework for liberal education and interdisciplinary learning
  • Four classes of Leadership emphasis
  • Four classes in your specially designed track
  • Electives to complete the required 120 hours for graduation
  • An applied area of study, such as an internship or practicum
  • Senior Seminar

Online and Hybrid Programs and Certificates

Grand Valley State University offers several online and hybrid programs and certificates. These programs are designed for the busy, working adult and can be completed with minimal travel to a GVSU location. 

  • The R.N. to B.S.N program is specifically designed for registered nurses to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N)
  • Radiologic & Imaging Sciences, BS The Radiation Therapy, and Diagnostic Sonography majors are set up as a 2+2 program. Students entering GVSU as a first year student interested in Radiation Therapy or Diagnostic Medical Sonography will take two years of RIS pre-requisite courses and General Education courses, then apply by February 1 of the year they hope to be accepted into the competitive admission program.  After being accepted into the program students will study for 5 semesters or 20 months..

Graduate Programs and Certificates

  • The Occupational Therapy Hybrid Program at Grand Valley State University is completed with pre-professional requirements and three years of professional course work.
  • The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership provides a unique opportunity to pursue a theoretically based and practically oriented education in leadership for nonprofit professionals.
  • The Clinical Trials Management Certificate is designed for both current clinical research professionals who are seeking to further their careers and students preparing for entry-level to mid-level positions.
  • The Kirkhof College of Nursing offers several graduate programs in a hybrid format:
    • Nursing - Advanced Generalist, MSN
    • Nursing - APN: Child/Adolescent, DNP
    • Nursing - APN: Adult/Older Adult, DNP
    • Nursing - Admin & Health Care Systems, DNP
  • The College of Education offers a variety of Master's programs in online and hybrid formats
    • Educational Technology - Educational Technology, MEd (online)
    • Literacy Studies - Reading and Language Arts, MEd (online)
    • Education Specialist Degree - Educational Leadership, EdS (hybrid)
    • Higher Education - Adult and Higher Education, MEd (hybrid)
    • Instruction and Curriculum - Early Childhood Education (ZS), MEd (hybrid)
    • Instruction and Curriculum - Educational Differentiation, MEd (hybrid)
    • Instruction and Curriculum - Elementary Education, MEd (hybrid)
      Instruction and Curriculum - Secondary Level Education, MEd (hybrid)
    • Special Education - Cognitive Impairment, MEd (hybrid)


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