Jessica Doerr

Jessica Doerr

"I loved the fact that my instructors really got to know who I was and that they took the time to know what my goals were." - Jessica Doerr '10, Staff Writing and Reading Center Consultant, Northwestern Michigan College Read More

Grand Valley Admissions

Muskegon Programs

Grand Valley State University offers a liberal education focus, emphasizing critical thinking, creative problem solving, and cultural understanding. We partner with Muskegon Community College for our students to complete their undergraduate degrees in Muskegon.

Undergraduate Studies

We offer classes that prepare you for your major area of study and lead to your undergraduate degree completion in the following areas:

This degree program is specially designed for the student who is interested in learning leadership principles applied directly to the business and nonprofit sectors. 

Muskegon Community College and Grand Valley State University have collaborated to provide a degree completion program at one convenient location. Both institutions offer courses at the Stevenson Center for Higher Education on the campus of Muskegon Community College.

The Muskegon Leadership degree

  • After completion of an Associate of Science and Arts or the MACRAO program (plus selected foundation courses) at Muskegon Community College, students will begin degree completion courses through Grand Valley State University. 
  • Courses will be offered in a cohort fashion. Aside from the required core courses in the Liberal Studies major, students will choose between courses specific to organizations and leadership.
  • Students will customize remaining coursework to coincide with their individual needs and interests. So, the degree provides considerable flexibility for the student to design a degree that best fits him/her.

What is the Liberal Studies major?
Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary major; it brings together coursework from various academic disciplines. The program allows you to design a personal emphasis area in Leadership to suit your specific interests, talents, or career goals. With Liberal Studies as a major, you can:

  • Select area of emphasis
  • Incorporate courses already taken in various majors or at other universities
  • Integrate your coursework with life experiences and practical applications

Plan of Study
You will work with an advisor to develop a study plan that incorporates all components of your major.

The Liberal Studies major includes:

  • Up to 62 hours of coursework transferred from MCC
  • Four core classes that develop your intellectual expertise and provide a framework for liberal education and interdisciplinary learning
  • Four classes of Leadership emphasis
  • Four classes in your specially designed track
  • Electives to complete the required 120 hours for graduation
  • An applied area of study, such as an internship or practicum
  • Senior Seminar

Graduate Studies

We also offer selected classes that lead to the following graduate degrees:


Graduate education opportunities at the Muskegon Regional Center includes the following:

Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Master of Education foundation courses


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