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"At Grand Valley I built a solid foundation for pursuing a job in industries such as the one I work in now, where we do work with communities, we do education on diversity, and we address cultural differences." - Alfredo Hernandez '09, Diversity Education Associate, Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance

Emergency Resources Guide

Experiencing Disruptive or Threating Behavior (safety and class disruptive)

Call: 911
File a report-Muskegon Community College:
MCC Campus Security 231.557.5648 or 231.777.0545

Dean of Students Office (DOS)  616.331.3255
File a report-GVSU:
GVSU Pew & Regional Campus Security 616.331.6677

In Distress (Human service needs and mental behaviors)

Call: 211 (free and confidential service to help find local resources)

Community Mental Health  231.724.1111
376 E. Apple Ave. Muskegon, MI 49442


University Counseling Center  616.331.3266
Dean of Students Office (DOS)  616.331-3255