Percussion Ensemble


The Percussion Ensemble provides percussionists with the opportunity to learn techniques and literature through rehearsal and performance in a chamber setting. The literature is selected from the best available compositions for percussion. The ensemble performs both with and without a conductor. Recent concerts have included such works as: John Cage's "Credo in US", "The Wonderful Widow of 18 Springs", and Cage and Lou Harrison's "Double Music"; Stewart Copland's "The Gene Pool", Christopher Rouse's pieces: "Ku-Ka-Illimoku" and "Ogoun Badagris"; Minoru Miki, "Marimba Spiritual"; and Thom Hasenpflug, "Bicksa"

Percussion Ensemble 2008-2009

Percussion Ensemble 2009

Percussion Ensemble 2009-2010

Percussion Ensemble 2020











"Implosion" by Mantle Hood











David and Julia and Emily in rehearsal for "The Gene Pool" by Stewart Copland

Gene Pool

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