Music & Dance

Momentum (Dance)

The Dance Program is committed to outreach opportunities within the GVSU and greater Grand Rapids community. 

MOMENTUM is a student-service organization focused on providing dance experiences to the wider GVSU and Grand Rapids communities.  MOMENTUM is focused on teaching excellence in technique and performance. Our goal is to serve as an outlet for students to work on their dance technique and serve the community through the art of dance. We offer weekly dance classes and perform at numerous benefit performances on campus and in the greater Grand Rapids area. This is a great way to meet new people interested in brightening the community and sharing their passion for dance. The activities of MOMENTUM are not limited to a select few, but should reflect the wide variety of students interested in dance.


Meeting Times
Meetings are Mondays at 9pm and held in the PAC 1600

Financial Officer
Kelsey Walhout

Ruben Hanohano

Vice President
Briana Dean

Hannah Alger
Katie McAllister
Kaye Suarez
Tayler Tucker

Carrie Brueck Morris 

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