GRCC Course Transfer

Course Transfer Agreement with Grand Rapids Community College

GVSU agrees to guarantee specific transfer credit to any student who has completed an Associates in Arts Degree with Music Major or Associates in Music Degree at GRCC. The courses for which the student will receive credit at GVSU (and corresponding GRCC credit) are: MUS 119 (MUS 251), 120 (MUS 252/253), 130 (MUS 113), 131 (MUS 114), 230 (MUS 213), 231 (MUS 214,) 133 (MUS 115), 134 (MUS 116), 233 (MUS 215), 234 (MUS 216), 263 (MUS 121), 264 (MUS 122), 283 (MUS 221) & 284 (MUS 222). MUS 284 (MUS 222) will only be transferred if the course is part of the student's required music degree program curriculum at GVSU.

In order to have the specific courses transferred the student must (a) be accepted to GVSU, (b) be admitted to the Music Department by completing a juried audition for a Department of Music review panel, and (c) submit an original transcript showing the associates degree completion to the GVSU Registrar and a copy of that transcript to the music department. The decision of the committee panel will be final. If the student does not meet both conditions, transfer credit will not be given. Students may only audition on instruments currently accepted for applied study in the Department of Music at GVSU.