Clarinet Day

Grand Valley State University

Clarinet Day

March 17, 2017

GVSU 2017 clarinet day features

Special guest from Paris, France

Dominique Vidal

Clarinet day will include Master Classes, Sectional Coaching

and Clarinet Choir rehearsal and performance.

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Contact Information
Dr. Arthur Campbell

If you want to discover more ways to practice and the motivation to do so, join us!!

Everyone Rehearses & Performs

Clarinet Day Schedule:

9:15   Registration - Performing Arts Center (PAC), Main Lobby
9:30   Clarinet Choir - Dr. Campbell leads clarinet choir rehearsal, in 1515 PAC
10:45  High School Master Class with Dr. June, in 1325 PAC (SVS)
12:15  Lunch - Ensemble Room 1515 PAC
1:00   Faculty concert, in Cook DeWitt Center (CDC):
         Dominique Vidal and Arthur Campbell, clarinets, and Helen Marlais, piano
2:00   Master class with Dominique Vidal, in Cook DeWitt Center (CDC)
3:30   Clarinet Choir warm-up, in Cook DeWitt Center (CDC)
4:00   Clarinet Choir Performance in Cook DeWitt Center (CDC)
                - High School and University students play together
                - Reception
 4:30   Clarinet Day ends


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