Important dates for Region 12 / MSO

December, 2013
Saturday, 7th Coaches Workshop - Michigan State University
Thursday, 12th Region 12 Coaches Meeting - Grand Valley State University
Monday, 31st State and National Registration Deadline - Membership User Guide
January, 2014
middle of the month 1st coaches mailing (team number, schedule, registration forms, etc)
February, 2014
Friday, 8th Region 12 deadline for Registration
March, 2014
Beginning of the month Final coaches mailing (final schedule, self schedule, event notes)
middle of the month Volunteer Assignment letters are mailed
Saturday, 29th Region 12 Tournament at Grand Valley State University
April, 2014
Saturday, 26th State Tournament at MSU
May, 2014
Friday-Saturday, 16-17 National Tournament - University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL


Page last modified May 19, 2014