About Us

photo of Chelsea Ridge

Chelsea Ridge

Tournament Co-Director
Phone: (616) 331-3172
Email: ridgec@gvsu.edu

Areas of Focus: Event supervisor recruitment, mailings, schedule development, self schedule, event room assignments

Kris Pachla

Kris Pachla

Tournament Co-Director & RMSC Director
Phone: 616-331-2273
Email: pachlkri@gvsu.edu

Area of Focus: Legislator contact, arbitration, donor liaison

photo of Kathy Agee

Kathy Agee

Assistant Director
(616) 331-3031
Email: ageek@gvsu.edu

Area of Focus: Volunteers, event supervisor recruitment, Science Olympiad State Board member

Karen Matchett

Karen Matchett

Assistant Director
(616) 331-3323
Email: matchetk@gvsu.edu

Area of Focus: Event supervisor recruitment, event planning, lab support, awards ceremony

photo of Diane Miller

Diane Miller

Regional Math and Science Center Assistant
Email: milledia@gvsu.edu

Area of Focus: Event supervisor & coaches mailing, Coaches Meeting registration, state registration, tournament registration, team rooms, self schedule

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