2013 Team Room Assignments

All teamroom partner requests were accommodated. When no request was made, teams were selected at random and placed in rooms according to size.

The schools are listed in alphabetical order. Building names are abbreviated - MAK for Mackinac Hall and MAN for Manitou Hall.

Floor map for team rooms in Mackinac.
Explanation of Mackinac Hall Room Numbers:  The building numbers have 3 components: Wing - Floor - Room #.   As an example, A-2-117 is Wing A, 2nd floor, room 117.


Div Team School Room
B 39 Ada Christian MAN 122
B 22 All Saints Academy A-2-111 Mak
B 15 Allendale Christian  D-1-129 Mak
B 45 Allendale Middle  C-1-114 Mak
B 26 Assumption of the BVM A-2-105 Mak
B 05 Baldwin Street Middle  D-1-215 Mak
B 25 Black River Public Middle  B-1-124 Mak
B 28 Byron Center Christian  MAN 122
B 33 Chandler Woods Charter  B-1-138 Mak
B 16 Corpus Christi A-2-111 Mak
B 36 Cross Creek Charter  B-1-138 Mak
B 38 Duncan Lake Middle  MAN 102
B 41 Dutton Christian  MAN 122
B 19 Eagle Crest Charter  B-1-132 Mak
B 29 East Grand Rapids Middle  D-1-123 Mak
B 44 Excel Charter Academy B-1-120 Mak
B 12 Forest Hills Central Middle  D-1-227 Mak
B 40 Forest Hills Eastern Middle  D-1-221 Mak
B 27 Grand Rapids Christian Middle  B-1-112 Mak
B 43 Grandville Middle  D-1-117 Mak
B 23 Harbor Lights Middle  MAN 107
B 04 Holy Trinity A-2-161 Mak
B 32 Immaculate Heart of Mary A-2-117 Mak
B 42 Jenison Junior High  B-1-110 Mak
B 10 Kraft Meadows Middle  MAN 102
B 02 Lakeshore Middle  MAN 123
B 18 Lee Middle  D-1-141 Mak
B 35 Macatawa Bay Middle  MAN 107
B 14 Mill Creek Middle  A-2-155 Mak
B 01 Northern Hills Middle  D-1-233 Mak
B 13 Our Lady of Consolation A-2-121 Mak
B 03 Plymouth Christian Middle  B-1-114 Mak
B 30 Riley Street Middle  D-1-209 Mak
B 20 Sacred Heart A-2-105 Mak
B 21 Sherwood Park Global Studies B-1-128 Mak
B 9 Sparta Middle  B-1-122 Mak
B 17 St. Anthony A-2-165 Mak
B 06 St. Patrick A-2-165 Mak
B 34 St. Paul the Apostle A-2-161 Mak
B 31 St. Thomas the Apostle A-2-117 Mak
B 07 West Michigan Home  D-1-129 Mak
B 37 West Side Christian  A-2-121 Mak
B 08 White Pines Middle  MAN 123
B 11 Wyoming Junior High  D-1-135 Mak
C 14 Allendale High  C-1-112 Mak
C 24 Black River Public High  B-1-124 Mak
C 03 Caledonia High  MAN 102
C 18 East Grand Rapids High  D-1-123 Mak
C 19 Forest Hills Central High  D-1-227 Mak
C 13 Forest Hills Eastern High  D-1-221 Mak
C 23 Forest Hills Northern High  D-1-233 Mak
C 21 Grand Haven High  MAN 123
C 12 Grand Rapids Christian High  B-1-112 Mak
C 01 Grand River Preparatory High  B-1-120 Mak
C 22 Grandville High  D-1-117 Mak
C 15 Hudsonville High  D-1-209 Mak
C 05 Jenison High  B-1-110 Mak
C 06 Kelloggsville High  B-1-126 Mak
C 11 Lee High  D-1-141 Mak
C 17 Lowell High  B-1-126 Mak
C 07 Plymouth Christian High  B-1-114 Mak
C 20 School of Health Sciences B-1-118 Mak
C 16 Sparta High  B-1-122 Mak
C 04 Unity Christian High  B-1-116 Mak
C 10 West MI Acad of Env Science B-1-118 Mak
C 08 West Ottawa High  MAN 107
C 02 Wyoming High  D-1-135 Mak


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