Department of Movement Science

Movement Science House


Mission of the Movement Science House:

The MSH provides opportunities for students to become and remain engaged in the Movement Sciences while enhancing their academic, social and professional development.  This occurs through the development of diverse and open perspectives, critical thinking and personal investment in their field.


Our goals serve as benchmarks for success, providing members with insight on the purpose of their activity. They include the following:

  • Ample engagement with and between students (peers) and faculty related to their academic areas of interest.
  • Allow students to experience and appreciate diverse perspectives, and experience activities and beliefs that exist between those in related areas of academic interest.
  • Offer opportunities to facilitate a smooth matriculation through the college experience (socially, academically, professionally).

Activities/resources offered to assist in achieving the above stated goals:

  • Faculty members are present throughout the week during office hours in the MSH.
  • Tutoring services are coordinated within the MSH.
  • Workshops and lectures are hosted on-site.
  • Peer mentoring from current majors in a Movement Science program is provided.
  • Extra-curricular activities are hosted and organized within the MSH.
    • Student groups (clubs) have access to meeting space within the facility
    • Guest speakers are invited
      • i.e. healthy eating, stress management, wellness
    • Service learning and community service opportunities are provided
    • Field trips
  • Advising services are provided within the MSH.
    • During faculty office hours
    • Departmental Advising Nights
    • Professional advisors are onsite weekly with open office hours
  • Co-curricular activities are hosted and organized within the MSH.
    • Academic program meetings hosted on site.
    • Undergraduate research collaborative experiences/opportunities
    • Workshops related to professional development, resume building, interview preparation etc.
    • Course required service learning opportunities are integrated to involve those within the MSH.
    • MSH specific readings are used to supplement LIB 100 and MOV 101 teachings.

Co-curricular model:

Students of all years within the MOV majors are recruited.  However, the co-curricular model within the MSH is MOV 101 offered in the fall, and a section of LIB 100 is offered in the winter term annually.  These courses are taught and permitted for those within the MSH.  Understanding that residents may not be able to exclusively be enrolled in the dedicated sections of these courses, planned readings and activities are communicated and encouraged across all residents.  The instructors of these classes cross pollinate material and facilitate the learning of those not enrolled but reside within the MOV-LLC.


Faculty Director: Dr. Brian Hatzel                              

Faculty Fellow: Dr. Michael Roskamp                               

Co-Curricular Coordinator: Dr. John Kilbourne       

Faculty Facilitator: Dr. Heather Gulgin


All Movement Science Majors will be invited and encouraged to participate in the MSH.  Recruitment however will be directed at new admits and transfer students as well.

Selection/Room reservation:

If you are interested in living in the MSH please log in to Banner and go to MyHousing.  Once within MyHousing please select Academic Communities.  Within the Academic Communities area select the Movement Science House as your choice.  At this point you will be placed in a room and notified of this according to the posted housing notification dates.


The Movement Science House is located on the Allendale Campus within the new South D Living Center.

MovSci House Virtual Tour                                                                                                                                                                                       

 (after  open this link, please select: South apartments to view the MovSci House setup)


Office of Housing and Residence Life

(616) 331-2120  myhousing@gvs.edu     www.gvsu.edu/housing/


Dr. Brian Hatzel, AT, ATC, Faculty Director
(616) 331-8538

Location: South Apartment D

Majors Include: 

  • Exercise Science
  • Athletic Training
  • Physical Education
  • Sport Leadership

Layout: One, Two, and Four Bedrooms Available (two unit shown)


move sci house


Movement Science House in the Lanthorn





























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