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Ingrid Johnson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Brian Hatzel

Office: 4407 Kindschi Hall of Science
Phone: (616) 331-8873
Email:  johnsoi@gvsu.edu


 Academic Background

  • 2003 - Ph.D. University of New Mexico (Curriculum and Instruction in Physical Education) Voices for a shared understanding: Perceptions of the physical education student teaching triad.
  • 1995 - M.Ed. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (Physical Education/Adapted Physical Education)
  • 1992 - B.S.  University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Kinesiology)

 Courses Taught

  • PED 220: Individual and Dual Sports Teaching Methods K-12
  • PED 240: Methods for Teaching Fitness K-12
  • PED 307: Teaching Physical Education- Secondary
  • PED 431: Student Teaching Seminar

 Past Projects

  • 2012 Student Scholars Day – Faculty Mentor. Fitness (re)Considered.  
  • 2011-2012 Johnson, I.L. Administrator Activity Packet. Mini-Grant from CSCE. Grand Valley State University. October 1-April 1, 2012. Three GVSU students are involved in this project. Funded: $400
  • 2011-2012 Johnson, I.L. PEW Technology Enhancement Grant: Technology for the Millennial Student: Using GPS in PE Teacher Education Courses. Used to purchase 30 GPS units for use in major courses to do the sport of Geocaching. Funded: $3000

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  • Johnson, I.L. (2011). AAHPERD 2011: Voices from Physical Education Majors and PETE faculty. Michigan Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Journal, Fall, 6-7.
  • Johnson, I.L. (2011). Adolescent females, motivation and physical activity levels. Michigan Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Journal, Fall, 22-23.
  • Johnson, I.L. & Napper-Owen, G. (2011). The Importance of Role Perceptions in the Student Teaching Triad. The Physical Educator, 68(1), 44-58.
  • Johnson, I.L. (2011). Teacher to Mentor: Becoming a successful cooperating teacher. Strategies,24(3), 14-17.

 Conference Presentations

  • Brant, T., Getchell, N., Weiller, K., Smith, D.,Baghurst, T., McGlove, C.,LoBianco, J. and Johnson, I.L. (March 2012). Writing Winning NASPE Proposals for Conventions. Session presented at the annual conference of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, Boston, MA.
  • Roskamp, M. & Johnson, I.L. (January 2012). Learning to Move. Moving to Learn. Two sessions presented at the Kent 4C conference for Early Childhood Educators, Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Johnson, I.L. & Padilla, J. (November 2011). College/University’s majors’ clubs: Mentoring (re)considered. Session presented at the Michigan Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance conference, Dearborn, MI.
  • Lewis, C. & Johnson, I.L. (September 30, 2011). Adapted Physical Education: Modifying Activities for All Students. Provided to k-12 teachers at Kent ISD, Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Johnson, I.L. & Lewis, C. (September 1, 2011). Creative and innovative activities for K-12 physical education teachers. Provided to k-12 teachers at Ottowa ISD, MI.

 Scholarly Interests

  • Curriculum Development
  • Middle and Secondary Teaching Methods/Instruction
  • Promoting/Providing Successful Student Teaching Experiences
  • Field Experiences in Physical Education

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