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Heather Gulgin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Brian Hatzel

Office: 4540-I Kindschi Hall of Science
Phone: (616) 331-8871
Email:  gulginh@gvsu.edu



 Academic Background

  • PhD University of Toledo, Hip Rotation Range of Motion Asymmetry in Elite Female Golfers
  • M.A.E.  University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • B.S. University of Alabama at Birmingham

 Courses Taught

  • MOV 300:
  • PED 220:
  • PED 266:

 Recent Publications

  • Gulgin, H. (2012). Hip rotation in golfers may dictate pathology. Lower Extremity Review, 4(2):49-53.
  • Gulgin, H., Armstrong, A., Gribble, P. (2010). Weight-bearing range of motion in female golfers. North American Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, 5(2):55-62.
  • Gulgin, H., Armstrong, A., Gribble, P. (2009). Hip rotational velocities during the full golf swing. Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, 8:296-299.
  • Gulgin, H., Armstrong, A., Gribble, P. (2008). Passive hip rotation range of motion in LPGA golfers, Clinical Kinesiology, 62(2); 9-15.

 Scholarly Interests

  • Hip Rotation Range of Motion in Golfers
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Hip strength and running form

 Conference Presentations/Attendance

  • TPI Golf Fitness Level 1 - certified
  • TPI Medical Level 2 - certified
  • TPI Junior Level 2 - certified
  • Mid-west ACSM

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