Health Insurance


Am I still covered under my parents' health insurance?

Normally individual or group health insurance policies allow dependents to remain on a parent's health insurance plan until the age of 26. Some policies, known as “grandfathered health plans,” may have additional limitations relating to coverage for dependent children. 

You should check with your family’s health insurance company to see if you are still covered under your parents’ policy. If your parents are covered by a managed care plan (an HMO or PPO), then you will also need to verify if any network providers are located where you attend school.
  • In-Network Providers: Are provided providers that you can see through your insurance plan.
  • Out-of-Network Providers: If you will be going to school in an area out of the network of  our managed care provider, call your insurance company and ask what provisions are in the plan. Most have some method of covering emergency care while you are out of the network, but routine care and follow-up care can only be received in the plan’s network service area. Be sure you have a copy of the relevant health insurance cards and know how to obtain any required approvals before seeking treatment.

Other Option

If you don’t have health insurance through your parents’ health insurance policy or have limited coverage due to network service areas, you may buy a student health insurance plan. Student plans are sold by an insurer that has contracted with a college to offer coverage to its students. In general, these plans have more limited benefits and more exclusions than traditional health insurance plans.

If neither a family plan nor a school-sponsored plan is available, you should strongly consider buying an individual plan. 


Page last modified February 27, 2013