Spanish Writing Center

How do I make an appointment?

Choose a time in the schedule below. Write an e-mail to the consultant whose name is in the time slot--please do so at least two days in advance. Wait for a confirmation e-mail from the consultant. Thank you for being on time to the appointment--or for notifying the consultant if you will not be able to make it. Students who miss an appointment without prior notice will not have priority next time.

The consultants are full-time professors or upper-level students of Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures:

Professor Banashak banashaj@gvsu.edu

Professor Matthews matthesa@gvsu.edu

Professor McGrath mcgrachr@gvsu.edu

  lunes martes miércoles jueves viernes
12:00-13:00   Prof. Matthews   Prof. Matthews  
12:45-14:45 Prof. Banashak   Prof. Banashak    
13:00-15:00   Prof. McGrath   Prof. McGrath  


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