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Accents & special characters in Spanish

These are different methods:

A) For the vowels, type Ctrl + the single quote at the same time, let both of them go, and then type the letter you want to have an accent.

B) From the top of the screen go to Insert, then Symbol and then you will see the chart with all of the accents/symbols. Just click on the one you need, and then click Insert. This chart also explains how to do them individually/manually if you just click on the character. You can do the same thing with the Character Map.

C) A combination of Alt plus three or four numbers (from the right hand side of the keyboard). With a laptop, first click “Fn” and F4 at the same time and then use the numbers in blue towards the middle of your keypad (since you don’t have the numeric keypad on the right) while you are holding down the “Function” and “Alt” keys.


  ALT +     ALT +
á 160   Á 0193
é 130   É 144
í 161   Í 0205
ñ 164   Ñ 165
ó 162   Ó 0211
ú 163   Ú 0218
ü 129   Ü 154
¿ 168   ¡ 173
« 174   » 175

Page last modified November 21, 2012