Study Abroad Opportunities

Why Study Abroad?

Grand Valley urges all students to study abroad.
Foreign language majors and minors will make
exceptional progress by combining study abroad
with their formal coursework on the home
campus. Approved programs also carry full
academic credit for all participants and can be especially beneficial to students planning
to take the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)
within the next year.

I want to go! But how?

All study abroad programs are run through the
Padnos International Center. These programs
vary in length and location and can be tailored
to meet students' needs. However, there are
many summer programs led by MLL faculty that
students may find beneficial to their language

MLL faculty regularly lead the following programs:

  • China
    A program that offers Interdisciplinary Studies, including Chinese Language,
    for two separate sessions during the Spring and Summer located in Shanghai.

  • Dominican Republic
    A five week faculty-led program in Spanish language and culture located in Santiago.
  • France 
    A four to five week summer school program in French language and culture located in
    Nice in southern France or an unaccompanied program open to all majors in Angers,
    France (Study in Angers can take place during the summer or during the academic year).

  • Japan 
    A four week faculty-led program in Osaka with interdisciplinary opportunities available
    for students at all level of Japanese language fluency.

  • Jordan
    A four week faculty-led summer program in Amman with instruction in English and Arabic.
    Arabic language and culture courses offered.

  • Germany 
    A six week summer school program in German language and culture located in Schwäbisch
    Gmünd in southern Germany.

  • Taiwan
    A summer school program offering classes in Chinese language and culture in Taiwan.


For further information, check out the Padnos International Center website, email the office or stop in the Padnos International Center located in Lake Ontario Hall.



Page last modified October 23, 2014