Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the department located?
The department headquarters is located in Mackinac Hall, room B-2-243 on the second floor. The building itself is located on the Allendale campus, across the street from the Field House. For a map and driving directions, please see the university's maps page.

Can language courses from another institution be transferred to GVSU?
Most courses are transferable. If you do not find your course on the list of transfer equivalencies, then contact your language (section) coordinator from the page. Or, you may call the department office at 331-3203.

Which Chinese dialect is taught at GVSU?
The national dialect (Mandarin) is taught in the department. Traditional characters are used in the beginning and simplified (Mainland) characters are introduced later in the first year.

Are Latin and Greek part of the Modern Languages Department curriculum?
No, Latin and Greek are taught in the Classics Department.

For questions regarding placement tests and the OPI, click here.

Will 201 be offered during the spring and summer?
Spanish 201 and French 201 are generally offered at least once during the spring/summer, but are not guaranteed.  Spring and summer courses are offered based on enrollment and will be cancelled if enrollment is not met. We strongly recommend completing 201 and other required courses for graduation during fall or winter semesters.

Do you offer courses in Polish?
Polish courses will not be offered during the 2014-2015 academic year. However, we may offer Polish courses in the future.

Do you offer courses in Russian beyond RUS 202?
Please note that Russian courses beyond RUS 202 are offered upon sufficient enrollments.   If we are unable to offer such courses,  we suggest the following options :

  1. Find another institution around Grand Rapids or the larger West Michigan area and take these classes and then transfer them to GVSU.
  2. Study abroad and transfer credits.   
  3. Find a summer program in an intensive format and then transfer.   
  4. Ask an instructor to work with you on an independent study (entirely bases on instructor’s decision).




Page last modified July 28, 2014