BA Cognate


What is the BA Cognate? *Only For Students Working Towards a BA Degree*

The BA cognate requires a 3rd semester proficiency in a classical or modern language of the student's choice. A 3rd semester proficiency means that you will need to successfully complete coursework through the 201 level of the language you choose to study. If you are new to a language, the typical sequence of courses is 101, 102 and then 201. Placement tests are available to students with a pre-college competence in a foreign language who desire advanced placement or waiver for the foreign language requirement.

So... I can take any language?

Yes, you can take one of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Ancient Greek & Latin.

Note: Greek and Latin are only available through the Classics Department.


What if I don't have a previous language? How do I decide which to take?

There are many different reasons for choosing specific languages. You might also want to study a language to improve your ability to understand the roots of the English language, or terms relevant to medicine or law (Latin or Greek). You might want to be able to converse with ease with scholars in your chosen field from other countries, or read primary source materials. You might have plans to visit a specific country or move to a region where a language other than English is spoken. Or you might want to learn to speak the heritage language of your family (Polish, German, Spanish, etc.). Studying a language for your own personal gain is an excellent reason, too!

Page last modified June 20, 2013