Michigan Hospitality & Tourism Research Center

About the MIHT Research Center at GVSU


The Hospitality and Tourism Management Department (HTM) at Grand Valley State University established the Michigan Hospitality & Tourism (MIHT) Research Center to encourage, facilitate, and support the ongoing research efforts of faculty and students interested in this dynamic and growing field. 

The MIHT Research Center acts as a clearinghouse for research projects and a coordinator for current research projects like the ongoing survey of airport service quality at the Gerald R. Ford Airport and the measurement of economic impact from local events or festivals.  Another reason for the creation of the MIHT Research Center is to support faculty and students on their individual research projects by providing guidance in survey development, research design, and statistical analysis. 

Most recently several faculty members from the HTM Department collaborated with the West Michigan Environmental Action Council and Williams and Works planning firm to develop the "West Michigan Water Trail" report funded by the State of Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality.  Too see the final report, click HERE.

Some future plans include offering workshops and training to help faculty and students further develop their research skills.  The Hospitality and Tourism Department revised their undergraduate curriculum to match current industry thinking and prepare their students to be successful in the future.  As part of this revision, a course was added to help them develop research skills even as an undergraduate.  The MIHT Research Center will play an important role in supporting this course and providing undergraduate students with research opportunities. 

Finally, the MIHT Research Center wants to be proactive in reaching out to other departments and faculty interested in hospitality and tourism research or collaborating on research project where their expertise might be helpful.  Currently, the MIHT Research Center is working with the Community Research Institute on a couple of research projects. 

Page last modified August 11, 2014