About Us/Partners

How Michigan Cares for Tourism developed...

Modeled from and in support of Tourism Cares (TC) national volunteer initiatives, Michigan Cares for Tourism will follow TC’s event model to learn from their ten year successful history of “Restoring the Past. Preserving the Future”. Tourism Cares volunteer program has resulted in over 20,000 hours of manpower toward restoring national tourism treasures as well as engaging over 2,000 tourism industry professionals in these volunteer efforts.

Michigan is the first state to partner with Tourism Cares to develop a statewide clean-up effort. They have provided event knowledge to our project as well as the ability to work at their latest clean-up project this past May in New York City/Coney Island. They want the Michigan model to be adopted by other states and we hope to develop the right partnerships for all of Michigan's tourism industry to be engaged.

The other partners in this project providing necessary resources to make reaching the goals possible as each contributed core services necessary to get the program started. Although all partners contribute in a variety of ways, each has a unique function. 

Faculty at GVSU spearheaded this initiative and gathered partners together to develop the Michigan Cares for Tourism model. As such, they act as event and program coordinators. 

The Department of Natural Resources has access to a large number of historic tourism sites throughout Michigan and they also have a significant financial challenge in which these sites would not be enhanced without support from others. No longer tax supported, these 240 historic sites have a $350 million dollar maintenance deficit that has resulted in a large number of sites not receiving the care they need. The DNR acts as the core partner in clean-up site selection, volunteer clean-up site work effort and local community coordination. 

Travel Michigan communicates with tourism professional regularly and markets our amazing tourism resources to Michigan residents and millions of visitors. Their partnership provides a link directly to tourism industry professionals to share the Michigan Cares for Tourism projects and programs.

We support Michigan’s Tourism Strategic Plan…

Michigan Cares for Tourism’s mission aligns with the 2013-2017 Michigan Tourism Strategic Plan and this effort directly supports the goals of the plan as noted below.


Why we are doing this…

We are doing this because it will help sustain us…as an industry, as a community, as an individual and as a state.  Creating an opportunity for Michigan’s tourism professionals to unite as a tourism community, share their time and talents and “give back” to an industry of great value to the state, its’ visitors and residents empowering us for the future.

What we need…

We need Michigan's tourism industry to come together and do this together. We ask that you volunteer for a clean-up project, donate monies to the scholarship and grant funds, sponsor one of our events and/or share what we are doing with others so more people can become engaged.

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