Conference and Event Planning

There are two things that wedding reception guests tend to remember...
1. The Bride's dress and how great she looked.
2. The meal at the reception.

Knowing what an important role your meal and dinner service are to your entire day is what makes us work so hard to ensure that it is perfect for you.

The Formal Place setting

From a formal served dinner to a casual buffet meal*, our offerings are endless. The menus highlight our most popular selections although we are not limited to them. We welcome special menus and themes and will do what it takes to make your  evening tailored to your specifications. The reception dinner is a special time to spend with the family and friends who are important to you, and have shared in your wedding day. Take the time to relax on this evening and enjoy the fine food and comfortable atmosphere of the Eberhard Center. After months of planning, you deserve to be waited on by the excellent staff, served a meal carefully prepared and created by experienced chef's, and enjoy the company of those around you. Let us cater to you.

*Buffet menus available upon request.

Page last modified April 6, 2009