Conference and Event Planning

We're here to help, every step of the way, to make the planning process easier for you. Below are helpful diagrams and measurements for the Eberhard Center.

The Planning Diagrams are a view of the banquet room, set up for various group sizes. Tables can accommodate up to ten people. Click on the link below based on your anticipated wedding attendance. These plans are our most popular configurations, however you are welcome to manipulate the room based on your personal reception preferences and needs. Please first consult with your event planner when manipulating the room set diagram. They can provide you with helpful seating and set up information. Planning diagrams are created in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Staircase Measurements: To assist in planning the decorations for the Grand Staircase.

100 - 150 People 200 - 225 People 200 - 250 People 250 - 300 People
250 - 300 People
(Head Table 16+)
Option 1
250 - 300 People
(Head Table 16+)
Option 2
300 - 350 People Grand Staircase

The Banquet Room

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