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The DeVos Center
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The Meijer Regency Room is serviced exclusively by Leo's, bringing its knowledgeable and experienced wait staff and chef on premise. Preparation of the selected menu takes place on-site, ensuring quality and temperature. Leo's offers its unique bill of fare to guests of the Regency Room, as well as provides services in the George and Barbara Gordon Gallery and in the Hager Lubbers Exhibition Hall.

The Meijer Regency Room
The Meijer Regency Room is an elegant dining room offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. The dining room seats up to 80 guests, arranged to your specifications and includes a living room section situated in front of a fireplace wall. Serviced exclusively by Leo's, guests enjoy a high level of service, excellent food, and beautiful accommodations. Adjoining the Regency Room is the Nancy Lubbers Garden, available seasonally as a reception area.

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