Choosing a Major: Navigating a Career Path

Step 3: Focus on Major/Develop Career Pathways

Solidify Education Plan:
Meet with your faculty advisor to assist you in planning your schedule of courses to complete your degree.

To access your advisor:

Log into MyBanner

Click on Student Tab

Select Student Records

Select View Major and Advisor Information


Majors and Programs websites sometimes also lists internships/externships

Study Abroad:

Research Graduate School:
The Career Library in the Career Center on the 2nd floor of the Student Services Building has a lot of information about graduate schools. You may also call 331-3311 to set up an appointment to meet an advisor to discuss graduate school.

Career Fair:

Leadership and Service Learning:


Develop Job Search Plan:
Career Center

  • Resume
  • Interview Skills
  • Job Search strategies
  • Develop References
  • Portfolio

US 301 Internship and Job Search Strategies course:
Provides a structured approach to organizing and executing a job search campaign for an internship or employment following graduation. Topics include skill identification, job market research, resume writing, effective networking, interviewing, negotiating offers, and job survival skills. Offered fall and winter semesters.

Fill out Graduation Audit form:
Should be filled out the semester before you plan to graduate.


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