Self Guided Path for Choosing a Major

Step 2: Narrowing Choices By Gathering Information

What Can I do with this Major:

Major and Program Websites:

Undergraduate Majors and Emphases along with Degree Information:
 Click on link for list of Majors and Emphases   List

Attend Career Fairs:

Understanding Degree Requirements:
Majors and Program web sites as well as course descriptions:

Run a “What If” Degree Evaluation:

  1. Log on to MyBanner.
  2. Click on 'Student' Tab.
  3. Go to 'Student Records'.
  4. Click on 'MyPath'. Before running the "What If" option, you will need to know the type of degree for your major. See the Grand Valley catalog at the link above.
  5. Click on the "What If" option on the left-hand side bar.
  6. Fill in the level of education, type of degree, and catalog year (the year you came to GVSU) from drop-down menu.
  7. Select a major or minor to add to chosen area of study.
  8. Click on "Process What-If" to run a “What-If” analysis.

Intentional Campus Involvement:

Log onto “OrgSync” to browse Student Organizations


When you are ready, here’s how to Declare your Major:

       1.     Log into MyBanner
       2.     Click ’Student
       3.     Click ‘Student Records
       4.     Click ‘Change Major
       5.     Click ‘Change ‘Major 1/Program
       6.     Select your major program and click ‘Submit
       7.     Click 'Change to New Program" and you're all set with this step.


Page last modified August 16, 2014