Summer Research Program


The cornerstone activity of the McNair Scholars Program is the summer research component. During this 12-week experience, you will conduct a faculty-mentored independent research project and develop the ability and confidence to present the results orally. You will learn how to prepare a proposal, gather and analyze data, write a research manuscript, and develop a 15-minute research presentation. Additional education and training will prepare you for and help you through the GRE and the graduate application process. The McNair staff will work with you to identify a research mentor prior to the start of the summer. This person must have a Ph.D. and be in your desired field of study. For more information about mentors, look here.


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It is expected that you will treat the program like a full-time job. Not only will you be devoting a minimum of 20 hours a week to the research itself, you will be involved in several other activities:

  • GRE prep classes,
  • Toastmasters meetings (to develop public speaking skills),
  • Special seminars called Graduate School Research and Application Preparation(GS-RAP) will assist you in researching appropriate graduate schools and prepare you for the graduate school application process and
  • Wellness seminars.

You will also need to meet separately with both your faculty mentor and the director once a week.

To support you, scholars receive a $200/week stipend during the 12-week experience. You will also be given a $400 research stipend after completion of an approved research manuscript.

At the end of the summer research program, you will have the opportunity to attend a research conference.
If you're interested and meet the eligibility guidelines, please set up a meeting with us to discuss your interest in the program.


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* Effective October 23, 2008, the GVSU Human Research Review Committee has stopped accepting paper documents and files and has converted to a secure, online document management program called IRBNet. McNair Scholars who conduct research on live human subjects must use this new system.