Goals provide the energy source that powers our lives. One of the best ways we can get the most from the energy we have is to focus it. That is what goals can do for us; concentrate our energy."
- Denis Waitley


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Thank you for visiting the GVSU McNair Scholars Program website. Here you'll find information about the program, including application information, student biographies, GRE resources, information about our faculty and staff, and more. 

Our program is designed to help academically talented students from traditionally underserved backgrounds reach their potential by earning a doctoral degree.  We work closely to help students navigate their undergraduate career through academic counseling, financial aid assistance, mentoring, summer research opportunities, seminars, tutoring, and more. 

We're federally funded through the Department of Education and one of the seven TRiO programs. For more information about TRiO, check out the Trio site.

If you have any questions about the program or applying, please contact us.




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