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Articles and Book Chapters - 1998

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Articles and Book Chapters Published in 1998
Ed Aboufadel. “Two Tales of Collaboration.”  GrandValley Review, Fall 1998.
Thompson, D. R. and Char BeckmannReading, MA: Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Company. (pp. 461-465). Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Company.. “Preparing Secondary Teachers to Use Broad-Based Assessments.” Proceedings of the 10th Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics. (1999): 461 – 465.  
Matt Boelkins. “Removable Ambiguities: Making Mathematics More Intelligible.” PRIMUS 8.4 (1998): 331 – 339.
Matt Boeklins and T. Pfaff. “Teaching Calculus Students How To Study.” PRIMUS 8.3 (1998): 253 – 264.
Nick Ceglarek (student), Paul Fishback, and Toby Moleski (student). “Integral Functions Whose Right Derivatives are Average Values of Periodic Functions.” The Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, 10 (1998): 692 – 697.
Paul Fishback. “A Composition Problem Involving Analytic Functions.” The Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences 10.2 (1998): 95 – 98.
Georgi Klein. “Discourse as a Problem Solving Strategy.” Published on Web as part of First International Mathematics Education and Society ConferenceUniversity of Nottingham, England.,
Steve Schlicker and Aimee Kunnen (student). “Regular Sierpinski Polyhedra.”  Pi Mu Epsilon Journal 10.8 (1998): 607 – 619.
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