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Articles and Book Chapters - 1999

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Articles and Book Chapters Published in 1999
Ed Aboufadel, Matt Boelkins, and Steve Schlicker. “Review of Four Introductory Books on Wavelets: Wavelets: A Primer, Wavelets in Box, A Primer on Wavelets for Scientists and Engineers, and Wavelet Analysis: The Scalable Structure of Information.” The American Mathematical Monthly, 106.10 (1999): 971 – 977.
Ed Aboufadel and Steve Schlicker. “Wavelets in Linear Algebra Using Maple.” Proceedings of the Tenth Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics. Addison-Wesley (1999): 1 – 5.
David Austin and Dale Rolfsen. “The Alexander Polynomial and the Homotopy of Knots.”  Canadian Bulletin of Mathematics 42.3 (1999): 257 – 262.
Char Beckmann, S.L. Senk, and D.R. Thompson. “Assessing Students’ Understanding of Functions in a Graphing Calculator Environment.”   School Science and Mathematics 99.8 (1999): 451 – 456.
Char Beckmann and K. Rozanski. “Graphs in Real Time.”   Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 5.2 (1999): 92 – 99.
Char Beckmann and Steve Schlicker. “A ‘Model’ Multivariable Calculus Course.” PRIMUS 9.3 (1999): 226 – 240.
Char Beckmann and D.R. Thompson. “Preparing Secondary Teachers to Use Technology: Two Perspectives.” Proceedings of the 11th Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate MathematicsReading, MA: Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Company.. (1999)
Esther Billings, Jan Shroyer, and Pam Wells. “A Tutoring Field Experience as a Vehicle for
Applying Authentic Knowledge and Pedagogy: Dilemmas and Successes.” Proceedings
of the 4th Annual Meeting of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, 1999.
Elyn Rykken and Jody SorensenAmerica.   http://www.maa.org/t_and_l/exchange/ite5/hodgson.html.. “Volumes and History: A Calculus Project Involving an Original Source.” MAA Online. 1999.  The Mathematical Association of
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