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Articles and Book Chapters - 2003

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Articles and Book Chapters Published in 2003
David Austin, Heather Gavlas, and David Witte. “Hamiltonian paths in Cartesian powers of directed cycles.” Graphs and Combinatorics 19.4 (2003):   459 – 466.
Char Beckmann, D. Thompson. “Exploring Measurement Concepts through Literature: Natural Links across Disciplines.”   Learning and Teaching Measurement: 2003 Yearbook. Ed. Clements, D. & Bright, G. Reston: VA, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2003. 245 – 255.
K. Rozanski, Char Beckmann, and D. Thompson.   “Exploring size with The Grouchy Ladybug.” Teaching Children Mathematics 10.2 (2003): 84 – 89.
Esther Billings and T. Lakatos. “Lisa’s Lemonade Stand: Exploring Algebraic Ideas.”   Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 8.9 (2003): 456 – 460.
Filiz Dogru and S. Tabachnikov.  “On Polygonal Dual Billiard in the Hyperbolic Plane.”  Regular and Chaotic Dynamics 8.1 (2003):  67-82.
Reva Kasman. “Bieri-Neumann-Strebel Invariants and the Initial Tree.” Proceedings of the
20th Annual Workshop in Geometric Topology (2003).
Karen Heidenreich. “Extensions of ‘Thickened’ Verma Modules of the Virasoro Algebra.” Journal of Algebra November (2003).
Jody Sorensen. “The Canadians Should Have Won!?” Math Horizons February (2003).
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