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Articles and Book Chapters - 2004

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Articles and Book Chapters Published in 2004
Ed Aboufadel and Steve SchlickerGrand Valley State University.” Math Horizons February 2004..   “REU Spotlight:
Char Beckmann and Esther Billings. “Math at Work: Figuring Fitness: Nutrition in the Middle Grades.” Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 10.1 (2004): 46 – 53.
Char Beckmann, Pam WellsReston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2004. 151 – 163., John Gabrosek (Statistics), Esther Billings, Ed Aboufadel, Phyliss Curtiss (Statistics), Will Dickinson, David Austin, and Alverna Champion. “Enhancing the Mathematical Understanding of Prospective Teachers Using Standards-Based Grades K-12 Curricula.” Perspectives on the Teaching of Mathematics, Sixty-Sixth Yearbook of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Ed. Rubenstein, R. and Bright, G. ,
Char Beckmann, D. Thompson, and R. Austin, R. “Patchwork Mathematics: Empowering Mathematics Teachers through Children's Literature.” Empowering the Beginning Teacher of Mathematics in High School. Ed. Chappell, M., Choppin, J. and Salls, J. Reston: VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2004. 16 – 17.
Char Beckmann, D. Thompson, and R. Austin, R. “Exploring Proportional Reasoning through Movies and Literature.” Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 9.5 (2004): 256 – 262.
Esther Billings, Karen Novotny, Steve Schlicker, and Akalu Tefera. “Enhancing Core Mathematics Courses.” PRIMUS  14.3 (2004): 230 – 252.
David Coffey. “Using Alternative Assessment to Affect Pre-service Elementary Teachers’ Beliefs about Mathematics.” Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Monograph Series Vol. 1, Fall 2004.
David Coffey and Mary Richardson (Statistics). “What are the Chances of a ‘Pig Out’?” Mathematics in Michigan Spring 2004.
Will Dickinson. “Curvature Properties of Positively Curved Eschenburg Spaces.” Differential Geometry and Applications 20.1 (2004): 101 – 124.
Nancy Mack. “Connecting to Develop Computational Fluency with Fractions.” Teaching Children Mathematics 11 (2004): 226 – 232.
Gary Chartrand, Don Vander Jagt, and Ping Zhang.  “Homogeneous Embeddings of Stratified 5-Cycles.”  Proceedings of the Thirty-Fifth Southeastern Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing: Congressus Numerantium  170 (2004):  205 – 222.
Pam Wells and T. Maynard. “Using Patterning Problems to Help Students See When
Proportional Reasoning Is Appropriate.” NCTM 2004 Professional Development Guidebook.
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