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Articles and Book Chapters Accepted for Publication
Feryal Alayont. “Meromorphic Continuation of Spherical Cuspidal Data Eisenstein Series.” Canadian Journal of Mathematics.
Esther Billings. “Tools for Pattern Generalization: Physical Construction, Symbols, and Analysis of Change.”  NCTM 70th Yearbook (2008): Algebra and Algebraic Thinking in School Mathematics. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2008.
Matt Boelkins, J. From, and S. Kolins.  “Polynomial Root Squeezing.”  Mathematics Magazine.
Manish Chakrabarti. “Developing a Bioinformatics Curriculum -Reaching out and Reaching within.” Undergraduate Mathematics for the Life Sciences: Processes, Models, Assessment, and Directions. Ed. Glenn Ledder, Jenna P. Carpenter, and Timothy Comar.
Filiz Dogru and Sam Otten (student). “Do Cyclic Polygons Make the Cut.” Mathematics Magazine.
Paul Fishback.  “Taylor Series Are Limits of Legendre Expansions.”   The Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences.
Paul Fishback and Nate Burch (student).  “Orthogonal Polynomials and Regression-Based Symmetric Derivatives.”  The Real Analysis Exchange.
Jon Hodge and Micah TerHaar (student). “Classifying Interdependence in Multidimensional Binary Preferences. Mathematical Social Sciences.
Nancy Mack. “Gaining Insights into Children's Geometric Knowledge.” Teaching Children Mathematics. (Accepted for publication.)
Shelly Smith. “The Discrete Fundamental Group of the Order Complex B­n.” Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics.
S. Ziebarth, E. Hart, E, R. Marcus, B. Ritsema, H. Schoen, and Rebecca Walker. “High School Teachers as Negotiators Between Curriculum Intentions and Enactment: The Dynamics of Mathematics Curriculum Development.” Teachers' Use of Mathematics Curriculum Materials: Research Perspectives on Relationships Between Teachers and Curriculum. Ed. Remillard, J., Lloyd, G. and Herbel-Eisenmann, B.
Nathan Wodarz.  “Exactness of Homotopy Functors of Spaces.”  The Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra.
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