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Articles and Book Chapters Published in 2005
Ed Aboufadel, J. Olsen, and J. Windle. “Breaking the Holiday Inn Priority Club CAPTCHA”, The College Mathematics Journal  March (2005).
David Austin. “Up and Down the Tiles.”  The Notices of American Mathematical Society 62.6 (2005):  610-611.
David Austin.  “Penrose Tilings Tied Up in Ribbons.”  Monthly Essays on Mathematical Topics.  American Mathematical Society.  December 1995. http://www.ams.org/featurecolumn/archive/ribbons.html
Char Beckmann, K. Rozanski, and T. Plummer.  “Charlene Beckmann, Kara Rozanski, and Tara Plummer: A Three-Way School/University Collaboration.”  Mathematics and Multi-Ethnic Students: Exemplary PracticesLarchmont, NY: Eye on Education, 2005. 147–171.. Ed. Germain-McCarthy, Y.
R. Austin, D. Thompson, and Char Beckmann.  “Exploring measurement concepts through literature: Natural links across disciplines.”  Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 10.5 (2005):  218–224.
Esther Billings and Char Beckmann.   “Children’s Literature: A Motivating Context to Explore Functions.” Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 10.9 (2005): 470 – 478.
M. Schultz and Esther Billings. “Mailing a Publication: An Activity that Promotes an Understanding of Step & Linear Functions.” Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 10.7 (2005):  349 – 355.
Matt Boelkins. “When Students Write the Text.” PRIMUS 15.2 (2005): 97 – 108.
Ki-Bong Nam, Seul Hee Choi, and Manish Chakrabarti. “Lie Algebras without Ad-Diagonal.” Journal of Computational Mathematics and Optimization 1.3 (2005): 141 – 149.
Manish Chakrabarti.  "Bioinformatics Algorithms - A MATLAB Based Package."  Tech Report Grand Valley State University.  October 2005.,
Manish Chakrabarti and Zachary Kurmas (CSIS). “NP-Complete Problems in Synthetic Disk Access Pattern Generation.” Technical Report, Grand Valley State University. May 2005.
David Coffey and Mary Richardson (Statistics). “Rethinking Fair Games.” Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. February 2005.
David Coffey and Mary Richardson (Statistics). “What is the Probability of 'Pigging Out'?” Proceedings of the American Statistical Association Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association, 2005., Statistical Education Section [CD-ROM],
Will Dickinson and Ryan Koesterer (student).   “Spherical Triangle Theorems.” The Pi Mu Epsilon Journal 12.2 (2005): 79 – 88.
Filiz Dogru and S. Tabachnikov. “Dual Billiard.” The Mathematical Intelligencer 27.4 (2005).
Paul Fishback.  Quadratic Dynamics in Binary Number Systems.  The Journal of Difference Equations and Applications, November (2005):  597 – 603.
Paul Fishback and M. Horton.  “Quadratic Dynamics in Matrix Rings:  Tales of Ternary Number Systems.”   Fractals vol. 13 (2005):  147 – 156.
Nate Burch (student), Paul Fishback, and R. Gordon.  “The Least Squares Property of the Lanczos Derivative.”  Mathematics Magazine 78.5 (2005):  368 – 378.
W.J. Bradley, Jon Hodge, and D.M. Kilgour.  “Separable Discrete Preferences.”  Mathematical Social Sciences 49.3 (2005): 335-353.
Christopher Bay, Amber Lembcke, and Steve Schlicker. “When Lines Go Bad In Hyperspace. Demonstratio Mathematica 38.3 (2005): 689 – 701.
Gary Chartrand, David Erwin, Don Vander Jagt, and Ping Zhang.  “On Gamma Labelings of Trees.”  Discussiones Mathematicae. Graph Theory   25.3 (2005):  363 – 383.
Gary Chartrand, David Erwin, Don Vander JagtInstitute of Combinatorics and Its Applications  44 (2005):  51 – 68., and Ping Zhang.  “On Gamma Labelings of Graphs.”  Bulletin of the
Gary Chartrand, Don Vander Jagt, and Ping Zhang.  “Homogeneously Embedding Stratified Graphs in Stratified Graphs.”  Mathematica Bohemica  130.1 (2005):  35 – 48.
Pam Wells and David Coffey. “Are They Wrong or Did They Just Answer a Different Question?”  Teaching Children Mathematics.  November 2005: 202 – 207.
Steve Schlicker, Dominic Braun, John Mayberry, and Audrey Malagon.   A Singular Introduction to the Hausdorff Metric Geometry.”  Pi Mu Epsilon Journal 12.3 (2005): 129 – 138.
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