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Articles and Book Chapters - 2007

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Articles and Book Chapters Published in 2007
David Austin. “That Knotty DNA.” Monthly Essays on Mathematical Topics. American Mathematical Society. March1997.
Esther Billings, Tarah Tiedt (student), and Lindsey Slater (student).  “Algebraic Thinking and Pictorial Growth Patterns.” Teaching Children Mathematics, (December 2007/January 2008): 302 – 308.
Matt Boelins and Matt WellsMissouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences 19.1 (2007): 15 – 28. (student). “On the Ratio Vectors of Chebyshev and Equispaced Polynomials.” The
Will Dicksinson and Mohammad Salmassi (Framingham State College). “The Right Right Triangle on the Sphere and the Quest for the Spherical Common Cord Theorem.” College Mathematics Journal 38.5.
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