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Sabbatical Awards in 2011 - 2012
Edward Aboufadel (Fall Semester)
Mathematical Analysis of Blood Glucose Data from Type-1 Diabetics.
Sabbatical Proposal                      Sabbatical Report

Steve Schlicker.  (Academic year)
Group Theory: An Inquiry-Based Approach.

Sabbatical Awards in 2008 - 2009
Jonathan K. Hodge (Academic Year)
The Integers and Beyond: Explorations in Abstract Algebra.
Sabbatical Proposal                      Sabbatical Report

Sabbatical Awards in 2007 - 2008
Gary Klingler (Winter Semester)
A Learner-Centered Teaching Design for intermediate Algebra (MTH 110).
Ted Sundstrom. (Fall Semester)
The History of Mathematics at Grand Valley State University.
Sabbatical Proposal                               Sabbatical Report
Sabbatical Awards in 2006 – 2007
Will Dickinson.   (Fall Semester)
Equal Circle Packing Software.
Sabbatical Proposal                         Sabbatical Report
Paul Fishback. (Fall Semester)
Writing an Operations Research Text.
Akalu Tefera. (Academic Year)
Sabbatical Awards in 2005 – 2006
Esther Billings (Academic Year)
Building Mathematical Teachers (K-8) through Professional Development.
Sabbatical Awards in 2004 - 2005
Matt Boelkins. (Academic Year)
Studies in Orthogonal Polynomials and Matrix Theory.
Sabbatical Proposal                         Sabbatical Report
Jane Mays. (Winter Semester)
Developing Projects and Activities for College Algebra and Trigonometry with the Integration of the TI-83 Graphics Calculator.
Steve Schlicker. (Fall Semester)
Visualizing the Geometry of the Hausdorff Metric.
Clark Wells. (Winter Semester)
Developing Interactive Maple Packages for Modern Algebra (MTH 310).
                                                      Sabbatical Report
Sabbatical Awards in 2003 – 2004
John Golden. (Fall Semester)
Observing, Planning, Teaching and Incorporating Computers in a Standards Based Elementary Classroom.
Sabbatical Proposal                         Sabbatical Report
Sabbatical Awards in 2001 – 2002
Charlene Beckmann.  (Winter Semester)
Professional Papers in Mathematics Education.
Marge Friar.  (Winter Semester)
Gaining Experience in an Elementary Math Classroom.
                                                      Sabbatical Report
Pam Wells. (Fall Semester)
Gaining Elementary and Middle School Classroom Experience in order to Improve Teaching of Courses for Pre-Service Teachers.
Sabbatical Awards in 2000 - 2001
Ed Aboufadel. (Fall Semester)
Textbook Writing: More Discovering Wavelets.
                                                      Sabbatical Report
Sabbatical Awards in 1999 - 2000
Mary Ellen Barber (Winter Semester)
Developing a Training Manual for Tutors of Mathematics.
Alverna Champion (Academic Year)
Geometry and Art in Africa.
Paul Fishback (Fall Semester)
Studies in Discrete Dynamical Systems.
Gary Klingler (Winter Semester)
Capturing Major Moments of Mathematics History for Use in Teaching Mathematics.
Phil Pratt (Winter Semester)
Math and Music: Investigation and Development of Instructional Materials.
Ted Sundstrom (Winter Semester) 
Mathematical Reasoning and Communication: Exploration, Proof, and Writing.
Sabbatical Proposal                         Sabbatical Report
Sabbatical Awards in 1996 - 1997
Cathy Gardner. (Winter Semester)
Creating materials for MTH 110 and MTH 125.
Steve Schlicker. (Winter Semester) 
Studies in Chaos and Fractal Geometry.
Sabbatical Awards in 1994 - 1995
Charlene Beckmann.
Effective and Manageable Assessment of Calculus Students, Assessment and Grading in High School Mathematics Classrooms, and A Study of Surfaces: Curriculum Development in Calculus III.
Sabbatical Awards in 1992 - 1993
Ted Sundstrom (Winter Semester). 
The History and Historical Development of Galois Theory. 
                                                      Sabbatical Report
Sabbatical Awards in 1990 – 1991
Cathy Gardner. (Academic Year)
Course work for Ed.D. degree.
Sabbatical Awards in 1988 – 1989
Carl Arendsen (Winter Semester)
Bruce Klein. (Fall Semester)
Exploration of Software Engineering Education.
Don Vander Jagt. (Winter 1989)
Research in Discrete Mathematics.
Sabbatical Awards in 1987 – 1988
Joe Adamski. (Winter Semester)
Writing a Textbook on Systems Analysis and Design.
Georgianna Klein. (Academic Year)
Doctoral Study.
Sabbatical Awards in 1985 – 1986
Phil Pratt. (Winter Semester)
Course work in Computer Science.
Sabbatical Awards in 1980 - 1981
Ted Sundstrom. (Winter Semester)
Started and completed the first draft of an intermediate algebra text; developed applications projects for a lower division mathematics course; and completed graduate level courses in operations research at Michigan State University.
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