History of Mathematics at GVSU
Department Seminars in 1998 and 1999

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Ted Sundstrom

Department of Mathematics
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1999 Department Seminars

Jan. 19
Jann-Huei Jinn (Statistics).  Sampling Methods in Census 2000.
Jan. 26
Matt Boelkins. Is Mathematics Simple?.
Sept. 14
Matt Boelkins, Heather Gavlas, and Ted Sundstrom. Using MathSciNet.
Sept. 21
Spatial Statistics: A Primer.
Sept. 28
David Austin. Using Java to Build an Interactive Learning Environment.
Oct. 12
John Golden and Clark Wells. Why not have a homepage?
Oct. 26
Ed Aboufadel and Ted Sundstrom. Communicating About Communicating in Mathematics.
Nov. 9
Phyllis Curtis.
Nov. 16
Neal Rogness and Paul Stephenson.

1998 Department Seminars

Jan. 20
Panel report on the Annual Joint Meetings of the American Mathematics Society and the Mathematical Association of America.
Feb. 3
Jan Shroyer.
Feb. 10
Justine Ritchie, Neal Rogness, and Paul Stephenson.
March 31
Phil Pratt. Math and Music.
Sept. 22
Don Vander Jagt.
Oct. 13
Jody Sorensen. Calculus Before Calculus.
Oct. 20
Paul Fishback and Jacqueline Burm (student). Periodicity in Discrete Dynamical Systems.
Oct. 27
Georgianna Klein. Mathematics Education and Society.
Nov. 3
Heather Gavlas. An Extension of Steiner Triple Systems.
Nov. 10
Steve Schlicker and Charlene Beckmann. A ‘Model’ Multivariable Calculus Course.
Nov. 17
Gary Klingler. Genealogy as Mathematical Problem Solving.

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