History of Mathematics at GVSU
Department Seminars in 2006

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Department of Mathematics
Grand Valley State University
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2006 Department Seminars 

March 21
Doug Kindschi.  Chastened Realism: Mathematics as a Model for Theology.
March 28
Matt Stamps (student).  A Genetic Algorithm For the Minimum Tollbooth Problem (MINTB).
April 4
Filiz Dogru and Sam Otten (student).  Exploring Dynamics of the Outer Billiard Map in the Hyperbolic Plane.
April 11
Eric Simon (student) and David Austin.  Limit Point Sets of Groups of Möbius Transformations.
April 20
Department Celebration.
Sept. 12
Manish Chakrabarti and Paul Yu> L:Drive?R:Drive?&Addressbooks&Chalk.
Sept. 19
Gib Hocking (Michigan State University).  Unusual 2-Manifolds.
Sept. 26
Steve Blair.  Circle and Square Intersections: Engaging Students on the Process of Doing Mathematics.
Oct. 3
Hugh McGuire (School of Computing and Information Systems).  Harry Potter's Potions Puzzle.
Oct. 10
Tim Pennings (Hope College).  Do Dogs Know Bifurcations?
Oct. 17
Brian Lerch.  The Existence of Perfect Seating Arrangements.
Nov. 7
Esther Billings. Ways We Use Writing to Facilitate and Deepen Mathematical Communication.
Nov. 14
Bekki Dameron (Richard C. Owens Publishing and The Learning Network). Learning Transfer.
Dec. 5
David Coffey and John Golden.  Doing Math and Teaching Math: What's Reading got to do with it?

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