History of Mathematics at GVSU
Department Seminars in 2005

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Department of Mathematics
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2005 Department Seminars 

Feb. 22
Will Dickinson and Clark Wells.  Stupid (or Cool) Computer Tricks.
March 15
Nathan Wodarz.
March 22
Steve Schlicker.  The Geometry of H(Rn): Segments and Sequences.
March 29
John Grabosek (Statistics) and Tom Kennedy (student).  Applying Statistical Modeling to Baseball.
April 5
Mark Pearson (Hope College).  Windmills and Wreaths.
April 12
Becky Bergeon (student), Tarah McCarthy (student), and Lindsey Slater (student).  Pictorial Growth Patterns: Preliminary Findings of 3 Student Thesis Projects.
Sept. 13
Matt Boelkins.  The Sendov Conjecture and the Geometry of Polynomials.
Sept. 20
Dave Coffey and Pam Wells.  I'm Not Wrong, I Answered Another Question: What's Right in Wrong Answers?
Oct. 6
Manish Chakrabarti.  What is Bioinformatics?
Oct. 11
Cynthia Groenink (student) and John Golden.  The Children Left Behind.
Oct. 18
Chris Smith (student) and Akalu Tefera.  Hypergeometric Summations with Computers.
Nov. 1
Jon Hodge and Pete Schwallier (student).  How Does Separability Affect the Desirability of Referendum Election Outcomes?
Nov. 8
Brian Mosher (University of Michigan).  Undergraduate Research Projects in Computational Group Theory.
Nov. 15
Anna Sfard (The University of Haifa & Michigan State University).  Identity that Makes a Difference: Substantial Learning as Closing the Gap between Actual and Designated Identities.
Dec. 6
Angie Grumm (student) and Ngan Nguyen (student).  Slingshots and Paper Folding.

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