History of Mathematics at GVSU
Department Seminars in 2004

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Department of Mathematics
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2004 Department Seminars 

Feb. 24
Nathan Wodarz.  Ghost in the Machine.
March 25
Nathan Wodarz.  Topological Taylor Series (or, Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Topology, I Learned in Math 202).
March 30
Mike Robison.  Academic Challenge and Significant Content for all Students?
April 6
Will Dickinson and Kristina Lund (student). A Summer of Exploration: Napoleon’s Theorem and The Area Principle.
April 13
John Skukalek (student).  Zeta(2), Zeta(3), and Beyond.
Sept. 14
David Austin.  Penrose Tilings.
Sept. 21
Clark Wells.  What Makes a Number a Number Anyway?
Oct. 19
Paul Fishback and Nate Burch (student). The Least-Squares Property of the Lanczos' Generalized Derivative.
Oct. 26
Ed Aboufadel and Drew Colthorp (student).  Recognizing Airplanes, Breaking CAPTCHAs, and Hiding Messages: Undergraduate Research Problems in Wavelets.
Nov. 2
Reva Kasman. Why Can’t I Fold a Square into an Icosahedron?
Nov. 9
Ben Vugteveen (student).  You, Me, and Semi-Symmetry: Disjunction Graphs and Their Properties.
Nov. 16
Mark Hanish (Calvin College).  Three Linear Algebra Applications that Amaze.
Dec. 6
Nathan Wodarz.  Hairy Mathematics.

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