History of Mathematics at GVSU
Department Seminars in 2001

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Ted Sundstrom

Department of Mathematics
Grand Valley State University
Allendale, MI 49401
2001 Department Seminars 

Jan. 30
Amy Vander Zee (student).  Bivariate Daubechies Scaling Functions.
March 27
Georgianna Klein and John Golden. Teacher’s Mathematics.
April 3
Pam Wells, Jan Shroyer, and Esther Billings.  Using Case Studies to Help Prepare Preservice Elementary Teachers for a Tutoring Field Experience.
April 10
Mary Ellen Rivers.  Sabbatical Leave Report.
Jody Sorensen.  MTH 495 Report.
Sept. 11
Will Dickinson.  eGrade and WeBWorK in Calculus.
Sept. 18
Alverna Champion.  The 2002 Michigan Educational Assessment Program.
Sept. 25
Paul Fishback and the Instructional Resources Committee.  A Technology Sampler.
Oct. 2
John Golden.  How to Write your own Web Page.
Oct. 9
Phyllis Curtis and John Grabosek.  Enhancing the Mathematical Core: Integrating K-12 Reform Curricula into STA 312.
Oct. 16
Matt Boelkins and Matt Wells (student).  A SURP on Polynomials with Distinct Real Zeros.
Oct. 23
David Austin.  Postscript and Geometry.
Nov. 6
Jody Sorensen.  Cubics and Complexes.
Nov. 13
David Austin, Char Beckmann, and Will Dickinson. Enhancing Euclidean Geometry.
Nov. 25
Clark Wells.  One Bad Turn (or Rotation) Deserves Another?

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