History of Mathematics at GVSU
Department Seminars Prior to 1988

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Ted Sundstrom

Department of Mathematics
Grand Valley State University
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1987 Department Seminars
April 7
Mary Ellen Rivers and Cathy Gardner. Validating and Updating the Mathematics Placement Exam.
April 14
Jack Musch. MTH 229.
Sept. 22
Pedro Rivera-Muniz. Fractals and Chaos, Part I.
Sept. 29
Pedro Rivera-Muniz. Fractals and Chaos, Part II.
Oct. 8
Dr. Tadeusz Wilusz (Cracow Institute of Statistics, Econometrics, and Computer Science). Gaming and Simulation in Education and Research Using Micros: The KRAEK Project.
Oct. 15
Dr. Bogdan Ludwiczak (Cracow Institute of Statistics, Econometrics, and Computer Science). Spatial Autocorrelation of Cancer Incidence in Poland.
Nov. 3
Larry Kotman. Compilers – A Class Project.
Nov. 10
Ralph Wiltse. Conic Sections: A Novel Approach.
Nov. 17
Ken Johnson. CS 457 – Data Communications.
Nov. 24
Carl Arendsen. Experiences with CS 205 – Computers in Education.
Dec. 1
Virginia Muraski. 
Dec. 8
Discussion about Professional and Scholarly Activities.
1982 Department Seminars
March 16
Donna Larson (School of Nursing). Microcomputer Simulations in a Nursing Skills Laboratory.
April 7
Prof. Dorian Feldman (Michigan State University). Comparison of Binomial Experiments.
Nov. 10
Marge Schnell (Student) and Sue Heller (Student). The World Beyond Cursor Routines.
Nov. 24
Brenda Gustafson (Student) and Fred Combs (Student). Come Experience the IBM-PC.
1981 Department Seminars
Feb. 9
Georgianna Klein. Mathematics and Sex.
March 30
Virginia Muraski. The Calculator – An Aid or a Hindrance?
April 14
Owen Snoey (Student). A Data Control Distribution System.
Oct. 1
Ralph Wiltse. Apple High Resolution (HIRES) Graphics Routines.
Oct. 28
Nov. 17
Ralph Wiltse. Apple High Resolution (HIRES) Graphics Routines.
Preston Hammer.  Rehabilitation of Concepts in Mathematics.
1980 Department Seminars
Jan. 15
Ted Sundstrom. Using a Calculator in Precalculus and Calculus.
Feb. 26
Bruce Klein. Recursive Computation of Certain Derivatives – A Study of Error Propagation.
April 1
Joe Adamski and Phil Pratt. Data Base Concepts and a Case Study.
April 17
Daniel Tsui (Daverman Associates). Regression Solutions: Accuracy and Stability.
May 13
Dr. Carl Metzler (The Upjohn Company). Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Research.
May 13
Dr. Carl Metzler (The Upjohn Company). Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems.
Oct. 23
Preston Hammer. An Amateur’s Opinions of the Foundations of Mathematics.
Nov. 13
Jim Antonucci. WGVC Auction Staging Software.
1979 Department Seminars
Oct. 2
Ralph Wiltse. Continued Fractions.
Oct. 16
Pedro Rivera-Muniz. Applications of Undergraduate Mathematics.
1978 Department Seminars
Jan. 17
Ted Sundstrom (College IV). College IV Mathematics Curriculum: Mathematical Competencies.
Jan. 31
Ralph Wiltse. APL Graphics As a Pedagogical Tool.
Feb. 28
Prof. R.V. Hogg (The University of Iowa). Mathematics and Statistical Education.
April 11
Preston Hammer. Taxicab Distances and Norms.
May 16
Virginia Muraski. Reading and Mathematics.
Oct. 24
Preston Hammer. Introduction to Programming the Lobachevski Computer.
Nov. 7
Jack Musch. The Nine-Point Circle.
Nov. 28
Bruce Klein. PASCAL is Alive and Well in Room 419 Mackinac.
1977 Department Seminars
Oct. 18
Preston Hammer. What is Continuity?
Nov. 1
Kenneth Hunter (William James College). Forecasting Michigan’s Prison Population.
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